Large Animal Merchandise

Tableland Veterinary Service has the veterinary expertise to provide excellent advice and quality products to farmers and graziers. We are a member of National Rural Independents, agroup that allows us to provide products at very competitive prices. In many cases we will be able to provide the best advice along with great service and products, at a rate cheaper than the major suppliers.

In addition, we deliver regularly to farms on the Atherton Tableland. Tableland Veterinary Service employs a trained milking machine technician, who will be able to work with our veterinarians to help manage and control mastitis outbreaks and to maintain cell counts at low levels.

TVS supplies Waikato, Boumatic and Davies Way milking machine parts and also supplies Campbell Cleantec products for Dairies. Our key staff members are Russell Molloy (who has decades of experience in the field and is an electrician and milking machine technician), Sarah West (who works in the office assisting Russell) and Lynne Brown (who’s knowledge of products is outstanding). You can also arrive at TVS any time during the week and Terry, Lynne or other staff will be able to load your vehicle with required supplies.