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In order to ensure a prompt and efficient service for all clients, we conduct consultations by appointments. We are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, over weekends and public holidays. Click here to make a booking with your nearest Tableland Veterinary Service clinic.

What happens in a standard veterinary consultation?
Our veterinarians will give your pet a careful physical examination, calmly and quietly to put your pet at ease. We’ll look at issues you may be aware of and also check for any other signs of a problem. If we can, we’ll treat the problem right away, but sometimes we’ll organise for further testing such as radiographs or a blood test – which we can do in-house to allow for quick and convenient diagnoses.

Regular pet health checks
At different stages of your pet’s life, it is recommended to have your pet’s health regularly checked for various reasons. Pet health checks offered by Tableland Veterinary Service include:

  • Puppy and Kitten health checks
  • Post-purchase health checks after buying a new pet
  • Adolescent health checks prior to desexing
  • Annual health checks are recommended for all pets
  • Dental checks
  • Senior health checks for pets over seven years of age
  • General health check ups for peace of mind

To book your pet in for a health check or a general vet consultation, contact your nearest Tableland Veterinary Service clinic today.

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