Equine Services

Referrals and Visiting Specialists

Tableland Veterinary Service can provide most services to the horse industry. Our veterinarians have post graduate training and qualifications in Equine Surgery, Equine Medicine, Reproduction, Equine Dentistry and Ophthalmology. We regularly receive referrals from surrounding clinics across north Queensland for cases that require our equipment, facilities or expertise.

In addition to this we have access to:

– North Queensland Specialist Equine Service’s Brad Dowling (https://townsvillevetclinic.com.au/). Brad is a registered specialist in Equine Surgery and visits Malanda approximately every 6 weeks. Brad is available for complex lameness cases, ultrasounds, endoscopy and all surgical cases. Brad performs consultations and surgeries at our Malanda practice during his visits. Brad will also consult remotely on cases with Tableland Veterinary Service veterinarians.

Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting’s Luke Wells-Smith (http://www.motionepc.com.au/). Luke is a veterinarian and farrier with a passion for equine podiatry. He brings a unique perspective to horses suffering from hoof problems, lameness, laminitis (founder) and many other issues. Luke visits Malanda approximately three times per year and will consult with both the horse owner and farrier. Luke will also consult remotely on cases with Tableland Veterinary Service veterinarians.

Gastroscopy service

Stomach ulcers can be a debilitating, severe condition through to a silent problem with many, varied or subtle signs that may be causing poor performance in your horses. The only way to diagnose gastric ulcers is be gastroscope (passing a camera up a horse’s nose and into its stomach). Previously our closest gastroscope service was in Townsville, however recently we have had a visiting gastroscope service approximately three times per year. This is an exception service using the latest equipment and horse owners are fortunate to have this available to them without having to travel significant distances. Gastroscopy can be performed at our Malanda clinic or on your property/stables if multiple horses are involved.

For all our routine or elective equine cases we request horses are up to date for Hendra virus vaccination.

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