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Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedics refers to surgery that involves bones and joints.  We currently have several veterinarians well trained in performing a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries.  Some of the orthopaedic surgeries performed include:

  • Cruciate knee surgery – Triple Tibial Osteotomies (TTO) for full or partial cranial cruciate injury
  • Cruciate knee surgery – modified d’angelis
  • Corrective osteotomies for limb deviation
  • Dislocating knee caps – Patella luxation surgery
  • Hip toggles for dislocated hips
  • Perineal hernia repairs (including more advanced cases)
  • Fractures of pretty much any description
  • Ear surgery (lateral or vertical wall resections)
  • Entropion – rolled in eyelids
  • Carpal and tarsal arthrodesis – fusing wrist and ankles with damaged ligaments
  • PennHip Radiography – for assessment for hip dysplasia

…and more

Pre-operatively: all patients receive a thorough clinical examination.  Orthopaedic surgery is not always performed on the same day as a diagnostic work up.  In many cases this will include a full blood test if the surgery is expected to be lengthy to ensure your pet is in the best health as can be prior to surgery.  This also allows the vet time to discuss options for treatments with you, including necessary after care, prognosis and costs. It also allows time to ensure all necessary equipment to achieve a successful outcome is in stock.

Pain relief: all patients receive pre-emptive (before surgical pain occurs) analgesia including the use of epidural anaesthesia for surgery of the hind limb.  Some patients may receive constant rate infusions of pain killers following surgery as well.

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